Tuesday, December 24, 2013

CFR's Director of the Center for Preventive Action Prioritizes 3 Regions to Keep an Eye On in 2014

The neocons and the military-industrial complex will be happy with this analysis. The CFR sees problems around the world that will require US intervention of one type or another.


  1. I can name three regions that will be the cause if untold misery in 2014:
    Washington, DC
    Wall Street

    With those three regions running amok, the civilized world stands no chance.

  2. Complete world domination!!! Luckily Europe is still bowing to the US. Africa, don't start making any money or you'll be on next years list!

  3. There will always be people ,somewhere and somehow, attempting peaceful debt-free private commerce.
    The CFR will always be there to stamp it out.
    As long as the people will allow it.