Friday, December 20, 2013

Dear Ron Fournier: The Clintons Are Criminals and You Enable Them

By Robert Morrow
(Phone number: 512-306-1510)

Dear National Journal,
    If you had to ask me who is the #1 douchebag journalist in Washington, DC, I would say without a doubt it is RON FOURNIER. Why is that? Because Ron Fournier is all about "civility" in politics and "being nice."

    And yet all one gets from Fournier is column after column validating the Clintons as legitimate, above the table, decent political players when they are anything but that. Typical Fournier: 

    The Clintons, along with their allies the Bushes, are some of the dirtiest, meanest, most criminal players in Washington DC and it has been this way for a very long time. Fournier also spends a lot of time validating the Bushes as legitimate, above the table, decent political players when they are anything but that, especially George Herbert Walker Bush and Jeb Bush - both highly involved in the crimes of Iran-Contra, CIA drug running, money laundering, murders to cover it all up. Google "Jeb Bush Barry Seal."
   RON FOURNIER is a faithful servant to the criminal power elite across the political spectrum: be they Clinton or Bush.
    One of the things the Clintons do is to hire very nasty private detectives such as Jack Palladino and Anthony Pelicano (now in jail here in Texas for his goon tactics) to run criminal terror campaigns on Bill's sex victims and former girlfriends. Bill Clinton has a long history of rape and sexual assault on women - and this history extends far beyond Juanita Broaddrick who Bill raped in 1978 and which Hillary was fully aware of in real time and helped to cover up.
    The Clintons also sent Arkansas state troopers to beat up and nearly murder Gennifer Flowers' neighbor Gary Johnson on June 26, 1992. Gary Johnson was a major threat: 1) he was Flowers' neighbor 2) he had a security camera videotape of Bill Clinton often entering Gennifer's condo at the Quapaw Towers 3) Johnson was also the personal lawyer for Clinton enemy Larry Nichols (former inner circle Clinton).
    Go to the 54 minute mark of the Clinton Chronicles:
And you will see Gary Johnson describe how Bill Clintons' inner circle state troopers beat him to a pulp, nearly murdered him on 6/26/92 as they stole the videotape of Bill Clinton entering Gennifer's condo.
    I suggest taking a long, slow and meticulous read of my blog post on the Clintons, their epic dysfunctions and the crimes they use to cover up all this insanity:

    There is a lot of extremely potent material on the Clintons - all documented to the hilt.
  There is some pathological about the reporting of RON FOURNIER. Fournier has willing allowed himself to become a PR man for the bipartisan criminal power elite. Is it RON FOURNIER'S corruption, cowardice, stupidity? Why would a man who is all about "civility" and "being nice in politics" shill for these criminals?
 I don't know. Fournier does not strike me as someone who would take a crow bar and smack someone in the kneecap Tonya Harding style. Yet Fournier shills for the Clintons and Bushes who I have no doubt would beat you up, terrorize you or even murder you if they thought it was necessary to enable their sick, demented cravings for power.
    Why don't you - fellow National Journal reporters - ask RON FOURNIER "Why do you shill for the Clintons (and Bushes) 24/7? Have you not figured out they are criminals?"
    It is not just Bill's rape victims and former girlfriends that the Clintons terrorize. They also targeted Arkansas journalist Suzi Parker when she was reporting on Arkansas selling HIV and Hepatitis C -laced prison blood to Canada. That was a scandal of epic proportions. So how did the Clintons respond to journalist Suzi Parker's reporting on this?
    What does RON FOURNIER have to say about this? Crickets.
My 2012 interview with Suzi Parker who confirmed that she was a victim of a terror campaign to silence her reporting

Robert Morrow Monday Oct. 29th, 2012

Suzi, I have a few questions about your experiences investigating the tainted prison blood scandal in Arkansas. I understand you were a victim of a harassment/intimidation campaign. Is that true? If so, do you think the Clintons were behind it? Or perhaps related business parties who were benefiting from the tainted blood trade? Would you be willing to answer some questions and/or trade information on your experiences on this story. Sincerely, Robert Morrow (of Austin, TX)

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Suzi Parker Monday Oct. 29th, 2012

Thanks for the email. I am sorry but that chapter of my journalism career is closed. I was the victim of such a campaign but have nothing else to say on the matter. Thanks again for your interest.



  1. Be that as it may...........a Clinton or a Bush will still be selected as per an electronic election machine in 2016.
    And you'll LIKE it.
    as per polls and Dr. Krugman.

    1. and trolls like Jerry Wolfgang.

  2. I agree. These media lap dogs are almost as bad as the criminal politicians themselves. They coo, purr and grovel at the feet of these despicable criminals. I think they will lie and cheat and do almost anything to keep access to these degenerate murderers and thieves. They wet themselves in cowardly submission whenever they get a nod or snear from one of their idols. ...don't get me started.

  3. Barak "teleprompter-in-chief" Obama
    Ben "the economy is not bad" Bernanke
    Benjamin "its very good!" Netanyahu
    Bill "boys on the tracks" Clinton
    Dov "where is the 3 trillion" Zakheim
    Ehud "we will know in 12 hours" Barak
    George W "Cheney needs to be there" Bush
    Hillary "oh Vince, Vince" Clinton
    John "USS what?" McCain
    Larry "pull it" Silverstein
    Lanny "I can't sleep at night" Breuer
    Michael "coal eyes" Chertoff
    Paul "the internet is a fax machine" Krugman
    Phillip "I am the myth expert" Zelikow
    Robert "Ivins guilty of anthrax" Mueller