Wednesday, December 25, 2013

‘Festivus’ Writer Takes a Slap at Rand Paul

One of the writers of the famed “Festivus” episode of “Seinfeld” isn’t too happy Sen. Rand Paul used the holiday to tweet a rant against Washington, reports Politico.

Politico goes on:
Airing his own grievance on Tuesday, writer Dan O’Keefe took a swipe at the Republican senator from Kentucky.

“When Rand Paul tries to seem relevant with 15-year-old pop cultural references, it reminds me of when Bob Hope used to dress up as the Fonz, but that’s just me,” O’Keefe said on CNN’s “New Day,” quoting a joke from another 1990s program, “Frasier.”

In celebration of “Festivus” on Monday, Paul took to Twitter to complain about a variety of issues, from the budget deal to the Senate cafeteria’s dining options.


  1. The funny thing about O'Keefe's slight is that he stole it from a 1993 episode of "Fraiser" in which Frasier accuses Niles of the same thing with the same exact sentence.

  2. The quote in question btw:

  3. Remember this post of festivus past?

  4. Am I the only one who found the Festivus episode unwatchable?