Friday, December 20, 2013

Garry Kasparov to Deliver Keynote Address at Cato Institute's Milton Friedman Prize Dinner

This seems an odd choice to me, though I guess it is better than last year's choice:

Kasparov is anti-Putin and that appears to be the beginning and end of his agenda. He often states he wants to bring "democracy to Russia," which likely means his people in control.

He doesn't appear to understand supply and demand economics and that technology doesn't result in unemployment but simply shifts where people are employed. And, it does't appear that he understands how government regulations hamper the labor market.

It is also clear why the neo-cons love him, he seems to have a problem with Obama not attacking Syria and not meddling in Russian affairs:


  1. Maybe he will talk about all the stores that are closing in our local;mall after the holidays? [sarc/off]
    I've talked to a few of the store owners, they all say their closing is due to the mall owners upping the rent ~15%.

    We have two malls in our 300,000+ Midwestern city which spans two states. One mall is already mostly empty, the other is mostly filled. It's the mall that is filled that is upping the rent (maybe the other mall is too?, I don't know). The empty mall is in the high tax state with high unemployment. The mostly full one is in the low tax state with low unemployment.

  2. Apparently, Cato is playing chess while we are all playing checkers.