Thursday, December 19, 2013

Twitter Account Now Tracking De Blasio Tardiness

Look at me, I am finally here.
Reuters reports:
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had "ElBloombito," a Twitter account that parodied his flawed manner of speaking Spanish. Now Bill de Blasio, Bloomberg's soon-to-be-successor, has "HowlatewasBdB" to document the mayor-elect's tardiness.

The tweets began on Thursday, shortly after de Blasio kicked off a press conference about his signature education initiative - expanding access to pre-kindergarten - almost 40 minutes late.

"December 5, names police commissioner. 50 minutes late," read the first post. The second: "December 12, names deputy mayor. 34 minutes late."

The person behind HowlatewasBdB, which has just over 100 followers, declined to say over the Twitter service who he or she is. A spokeswoman for de Blasio did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

(Via Drudge)


  1. Stealing people's time, stealing people's money, ...What's the big deal? It's what they do.

  2. Here's an instance where we can safely say, "Better never than late."