Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gov. Donald?

Buy your popcorn now.

NyPo reports:
Donald Trump’s political aspirations advance unabated. The Donald is mulling a run for governor of New York, and on Friday he and his team, including EVP and Special Counsel Michael Cohen, met with state Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long. We’re told that if Trump decides to run, he’ll announce at the end of January[...]Long told us, “If Mr Trump decides to get into the race, he would get strong support of the state Conservatives and strong consideration for the Conservative Party endorsement.” Long added of the current governor, “Mr. Trump would give Andrew Cuomo heartburn.”
I haven't seen any indication that Trump understands anything about basic economics, that said, at least a Trump run would be entertainig.


  1. He may not understand economics, but neither does the current guy. Bring on the jokes and entertainment.

  2. He may not understand economics, but he understands business?

    1. So what? Understanding business has nothing to do with understanding regulations and freedom. Michael Jordan was a great basketball player and leaper, but that doesn't mean he knows the first thing about how knees work. Would you want him to operate on your knees?

    2. Heck, MJ was a great basketball player but couldn't even make it as a GM...that says something too.

  3. “Mr. Trump would give Andrew Cuomo heartburn.”

    I think this same sentence or something similar was said about Carl Paladino in the last election and look how that turned out. Hell he didn't even have an answer to when it was pointed out that Paladino gave money to Hillary and Schumer

    Anyway your right Wenzel, if anything "The Donald" will make the race entertaining to say the least. Conservative statist celebrity vs incumbent statist liberal with maybe an actual libertarian getting into at least one debate.

  4. " least a Trump run would be entertaining."

    One more gladiator entering the colosseum to entertain the mob.

    [And a one trick pony at that...]