Saturday, December 7, 2013

How I Got the Media to Stop Calling Nelson Mandela a Terrorist

Peter Moore writes:
Here's the 9.58 interview with the very effective propagandist Tony Hollingsworth about how it all happened. It's genuinely fascinating, a real insight into how some things happen. I remember the Wembley concert, but it might never have happened and Mandela might have remained 'the terrorist leader Nelson Mandela'.

(ht Peter Moore)


  1. Don't recall much concern about terrorist attacks on the apartheid regime. The regime was universally despised. The people who were critical of Mandela's tactics were generally held in low regard.

    1. From the late '70s on, Desmond Tutu strongly condemned the ANC's violent tactics and was a fierce opponent of terrorism and Communism. You may hold him in low regard, but most people don't.

  2. I hate Richard Gere! He is the prototypical hollywood causehead.

  3. 3 square meals a day and a warm cot for 27 years and complete protection from crazy wives and other miscreants and .All paid for by the collective.
    What more could a commie want?
    Regardless, after reading the following from wiki................................I give Mandela a break.
    I would have a big chip too.
    "Aged 16, he, Justice and several other boys travelled to Tyhalarha to undergo the circumcision ritual that symbolically marked their transition from boys to men; the rite over, he was given the name Dalibunga.
    Think about

  4. It's interesting the decision to make Mandela the "face" of the anti-apartheid movement was contrived.