Monday, December 2, 2013

Magic Johnson, Tom Hanks Join Obama on Cash-Grabbing Trip

Bloomberg reports on the Hollywood Obama fans during an Obama fundraiser on the West Coast:
 [H]is motorcade sped him to the gated community where Hall of Fame basketball player Magic Johnson and his wife, Cookie, live.[...]
Obama slipped inside Johnson’s house to mingle with the guests, including actor Samuel L. Jackson, who’d paid up to $15,000 for presidential access. Others, paying $2,500, could sip wine and cocktails in a white, wedding reception-style tent set up next to Johnson’s mansion. Obama took his place at a podium between U.S. and California flags and spoke for 20 minutes.
Nearby, 120 donors were finishing dinner at entertainment executive Haim Saban’s sprawling property. A heated tent, adorned with mauve fabric and arrangements of pink roses, covered part of the grounds that included some of Saban’s lighted animal-shaped topiary.
Husband-and-wife actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson sat closest to the transparent podium. Saban, whose company produced Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and other children’s programs, began his introduction of Obama by saying he and his wife had enjoyed an “intimate” dinner at the White House days earlier.
Consider them leading pathological altruists.


  1. This is just, well, sad, and deserves the total contempt of the entire country...

  2. America, America, what have you done? Where are you going? Please come back from the brink.

  3. Useful idiots. Useful idiots with lots of money. Are they Kool-aid drinkers or political prostitutes?