Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mandella's Period as President of South Africa

He was a typical lefty crony politician. From Wikipedia:
Under Mandela's presidency, welfare spending increased by 13% in 1996/97, 13% in 1997/98, and 7% in 1998/99.[242] The government introduced parity in grants for communities, including disability grants, child maintenance grants, and old-age pensions, which had previously been set at different levels for South Africa's different racial groups.[242] In 1994, free healthcare was introduced for children under six and pregnant women, a provision extended to all those using primary level public sector health care services in 1996.[243] [...]

The Labour Relations Act of 1995 promoted workplace democracy, orderly collective bargaining, and the effective resolution of labour disputes.[248] The Basic Conditions of Employment Act of 1997 improved enforcement mechanisms while extending a "floor" of rights to all workers,[248] while the Employment Equity Act of 1998 was passed to put an end to unfair discrimination and ensure the implementation of affirmative action in the workplace.[248][...]

 Mandela also received criticism for failing to sufficiently combat crime, South Africa having one of the world's highest crime rates; this was a key reason cited by the 750,000 whites who emigrated in the late 1990s.[250] Mandela's administration was mired in corruption scandals, with Mandela being perceived as "soft" on corruption and greed.[251]


  1. He should have returned jurisprudence to Biblical principles and stoned women who lied about their virginity. You are cordially invited to a stoning! Parents must participate!!

    1. You think you're being witty, but you miss how analogous the execution method of necklacing, invented by the ANC and endorsed by Mandela's wife, is to stoning.

      Perhaps you're ignorant of this barbarous aspect of the uprising and subsequent assumption of power by Mandela's faction, or perhaps you'd rather flush it down the memory hole, since it inconveniently contradicts your preferred narrative.

      I've said it before and will no doubt say it again: you really should take a moment or two to think carefully before you start typing (although you seem to have no sense of shame).

    2. Reaching deep down to the bottom of the barrel of his rediculous thoughts, JW comes up empty.

  2. Woe is he. Mandela couldn't walk on water. What he should have done is leave the laws as they were under the apartheid government!?! As for crime, maybe he should have done as is done in NYC (that model of democracy, liberty and the free market) and implement stop and frisk! Because of course with things going so well in the west with no corruption at the highest levels of government on a local, state or federal level, we can easily afford to throw stones at the dead for their shortcomings!!!

  3. Compared to people like Desmond Tutu, Mandela did comparatively little to end apartheid, yet he is arguably the person whose legacy has most benefitted from its end, as the deluge of hagiographic obits demonstrates.

    It was Tutu who led the fight against Reagan's constructive engagement policy and succeeded in convincing the US and the UK to adopt a policy of disinvestment, which forced the apartheid government to accelerate reforms. It was Tutu who led massive, peaceful demonstrations during the years leading up to the end of apartheid.

    Certainly the latter would have been difficult for Mandela at the time, but even in 1993, when he was long since out of prison, it was Tutu--not Mandela--who led the efforts to prevent an all out race war during and after Chris Hani's funeral (and Tutu was no friend of the Communists).

    It's also important to remember that while Tutu was rejecting violence in the mid '80s, Mandela was rejecting offers to go free in exchange for a renunciation of violence.

    The struggle against apartheid was filled with appalling acts of violence, both white on black and black on black, but as with the Civil Rights movement in the US, it was non-violence that brought about its end.

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