Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Microsoft Executive to Oversee Health Website

The Obama administration has named Microsoft Corp. executive Kurt DelBene to succeed Jeffrey Zients and lead the effort to build out the HealthCare.gov website.

 DelBene served as president of the Microsoft Office Division.

If this guy does for healthcare.gov what Microsoft did in the latest version of windows, free marketers can sleep easy, the thing will never work properly.

BTW: DelBene is a 24-hour crony. He is married to Rep. Suzan DelBene (D., Wash.), a second-term member of the House.


  1. Cool. Now the thing will crash your computer with a blue screen of death, too.

  2. Hey, wait, is he the one that said, "Hey, Windows 7 was probably our best version since '98. For the next version, let's not make any improvements to it and, instead, totally scrap it and go with the clunky, annoying, and ugly tablet interface because we can't help but try to imitate Apple's crappy products" and gave us Windows 8?

    Perfect guy for the job.

  3. Vichy quisling bastard.

  4. Oh yes, just the expert healthcare.gov needs. He can bring the same attention to detail and customer focus to this project that was exemplified by projects like the transition from OLSB to office 365. Great choice, perfect bureaucratic crony fit. Maybe he can get a promotion in a few months like the other crony who just "fixed" the site.

  5. "He is married to Rep. Suzan DelBene (D., Wash.), a second-term member of the House. "

    No, this witch was just elected in 2012. She replaced Jay Inslee, another POS. I know, this is my rep. And Inslee got himself elected governor. These are, supposedly, my reps.

    The hypocrisy goes on. It is more blatant, day by day. When does this end.