Thursday, December 5, 2013

San Francisco Considers Banning Butterfly Releases

The free market-haters know no bounds.

FOX news reports:

The San Francisco Commission on the Environment, which supports a ban on the release of commercially bred butterflies, unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday night that orders the Department of the Environment to work with conservationists and local lawmakers before pursing formal legislative action.

The resolution states the commission supports a ban because the practice of releasing the insects at weddings and other celebrations can negatively impact the indigenous population and hamper conservation efforts.

“Many San Franciscans believe that butterflies are animals to be respected and valued as part of the city’s natural heritage and should not be used as decorations or for entertainment,” the resolution states.

It sounds like the president of the North American Butterfly Association is also a free market-hater:

The president of the North American Butterfly Association, who sent a letter to the commission in support of the proposal, told FoxNews the association backs the proposal because “there is absolutely no reason” butterflies should be sold for use at events.

“(They are) taking these living organisms and treating them as nothing but party favors,” Jeffrey Glassberg said.

I wonder what he thinks of this.


  1. Quite frankly, I'm tired of cleaning the butterfly shit off the bottom of my shoes every time I go to San Francisco.

  2. "'(They are) taking these living organisms and treating them as nothing but party favors,' Jeffrey Glassberg said."

    So, I suppose Mr. Glassberg doesn't eat meat, and perhaps not even vegetables. I mean, they are living organisms, right? Does he trim is lawn? Does he float above the ground as to not crush any bugs that may find themselves below his feet? Where does the insanity end for Mr. Glassberg?

    This type of thinking is indicative of those who cannot grasp reality due to a lack of clear conceptualization between right and wrong. They think with the heart, and not the brain...Would someone introduce him to the concept of property rights?

  3. So, hold it...wait...Now government is regulating butterflies? You've got to be kidding. *facepalm*

  4. I have to wonder if there would be the same concern if people were making a profit by releasing locally caught cockroaches or rats?

  5. Ya we can spray thousands of bugs dead,
    and not invite a few to a party? What gives?