Monday, December 9, 2013

Some Thoughts on Protecting Yourself from the Knockout Game


  1. Huh? No mention of the racial aspect.

  2. Clearly, pedestrians should wear helmets.
    We will arrange subsidies for those trapped in poverty.
    Thank you.....and may the State bless you.

  3. I agree with anonymous regarding the lack of sharing the racial aspect of these crimes. In both videos, the presenters pause awkwardly as they are describing the typical perpetrator- likely thinking of the word "black teens", and finally settling on "teens". This does a disservice to those who they are attempting to help, as they are not properly identifying those who are likely to be suspect. By towing the PC line, they leave the door open for the potential victim to make the same mistake, as many of the people who are targets for this crime are white and have been taught that profiling is wrong.

    Interestingly, the presenters here are still profiling, because the word "teen" is a term used to classify individuals within the larger group of people. If they would have thought it through a bit more, they would realize they are still advocating discrimination. The Gracie family video goes even further, saying if you encounter a group of five people wearing business suits, you probably don't have anything to worry about. Of course, this is probably true, and the presenters should overcome the social pressures which drive the PC mentality to better serve their clients (potential victims).

    That said, both videos do a decent job of explaining how to try to avoid these little bastards. I especially like the Gracie video, because they keenly equate the perpetrators' mentality to a rapist. I am sure more than a few of these perps will become rapists, as they strive to find more egregious activities to satiate their "need" to have power over victims. (Some will probably find their way into government, as well! Yeah, I said it...)

    Finally, it is interesting that both videos are offering solutions that follow the NAP. Neither video mentions calling the police (who will arrive in about and hour and 15 min), but both stress the individual's responsibility to take evasive action. The Gracie video offers a great defensive strategy, which plays on the aggressor's cowardice, and I am sure would be effective in almost all cases in dealing with these punks.

  4. Two words - DUCK MUTHERFUCKER!