Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Kings of False Advertisement

By, Chris Rossini

BusinessInsider is running a pictorial on fast-food ads versus the products that are really served.

For example:

I'm an occasional fast-food customer. It's great for when you're in a rush, or just feel like a quick burger. Do the sandwiches look like the advertisements? Oftentimes, no they don't. Are the portrayals in the above images a regular occurrence? In all of my experiences, absolutely not.

Since BusinessInsider expresses its love for politicians and government on a daily basis, I'd like to contrast the topic of false advertising in the productive world versus that which occurs in the parasitic world.

In the productive world, companies like McDonald's and Burger King have every incentive to make sure that their products appear as close as possible to their advertisements. The reason? If customers are dissatisfied with what they receive, they can stop patronizing. Sales decrease. Earnings take a hit.

Each and every one of us can decide (right this second) never to step into a McDonald's again. You can never eat another Big Mac for the rest of your life, if that were your choice. McDonald's would be totally powerless in its ability to stop you. It couldn't tax you, or "sanction" you, or even grab you off the street and drag you into their restaurant. They can lose you for life.

It goes without saying that McDonald's would never want that. Our satisfaction is key. We hold the ultimate economic power, which is the ability to refuse an exchange.

Let's compare this to the parasitic world.

A market test for politicians does not exist. And our ability to refuse to deal with them is essentially neutered. We also can't hurt the government's piggybank because the choice is to hand over our money, or violence and jail will be inflicted on us. Economic power has been removed.

Voting is meaningless. The half that loses in the election are still forced to pay for what the winners want. And people like myself, who don't vote all, are forced to pay no matter what happens. What a terrible setup. Much different than having a choice as to whether or not to patronize McDonald's, and whether or not to voluntarily hand over our money.

What about false advertising in the parasitic world? Volumes can be written about the lies that politicians tell while "campaigning" versus the reality that is delivered after they're in power. Endless "wars" have been declared against cancer, poverty, obesity, terror, and even war itself.

The end result, each and every time? More of whatever the government declares "war" against.

What can we do? Nothing, but continue to take it on the chin until the government bankrupts itself. At that point, the possibility exists for positive changes to occur. But until then, we're over a barrel.

We just went through a bout of serial lying by President Obama. He "advertised" over and over that "if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance". He lied through his teeth. 

What are Americans to do? Impeach him? They're much too wrapped up in the debate as to whether Santa Clause has white skin or not. And for those of you keeping score at home: Bill O'Reilly says that Santa is white.

The parasitic world even has a specially designated job for lying. 

You've seen this guy, right?

His job is to lie....everyday. What does a resume have to look like to get that job? In other words, a bunch of politicians sat around looking at all the candidates for the job, and decided "this is the guy". This guy is the best liar of them all. He can lie his way out of any situation that is thrown at him.

If BusinessInsider really wants to do an expose, they should start with The Kings of False Advertisement, located in Washington DC. They're easy to find. Just look for mouths that are moving up and down.

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  1. First off .... thank you for being astute enough to provide for anonymous comments.
    True, it's not much protection, but at least it's a start.
    Do realize all those with web sites, registration = no comment
    And we ALL know what I'm referring to in the statement above
    Just say no to government spying.

    Regarding this piece of yours:
    hahaha, I am in complete agreement.
    Business Insider is the Tokyo Rose of web sites.
    As for whitehouse press secretaries .... they don't last long, do they?
    I guess even a young,hungry and ambitious person quickly gets tired of being used.

  2. The government bankrupted itself decades ago, that's why they pay you by cheque that can't be cashed i.e the $.

    Thus it's well past time you bitchers & moaners stopped taking it on the chin, started acting like men, rather than bitches. You could start by understanding that the government is already bankrupt.

  3. Great comparison between the productive world and the parasitic world. Good work Chris. EPJ is a moral island in an immoral, coercive world. Keep it growing. Let's crowd out the state to the point where it can be ignored and made obsolete. Difficult yes. Impossible no.

  4. Clearly, all we have to do is elect more Republicans.
    Once they control the house,the senate,AND the executive, then they will shrink the government,curb spending, and repeal Obamacare.

  5. To find a the King of Advertisements look to Washington D.C. .............. or Business Insider, itself. The author of that article is lying about the burgers. Those, most likely were not made by the fast food joints.

    - JS

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  7. Transparency....