Monday, December 9, 2013

Ukraine Protesters Topple Lenin Statue

Protesters toppled a monument to Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin on Sunday. But the question must be asked: What do the protesters want to see replace Lenin?

The protesters blocked and barricaded government offices and said they were giving Yanukovich 48 hours to disband his government before marching on his country residence near Kiev.

The country is politically and geographically divided between those who favor ties to Russia and those who would like to see Ukraine more aligned with Western Europe, reports LaTi.

The protests Sunday were the largest since the 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine. Although crowd estimates varied widely — from an official police estimate of 50,000 to rally organizers' claims of up to 1 million — the turnout appeared clearly larger than at a demonstration the previous Sunday that was officially calculated at 300,000, according to LaTi.

I'm not sure there is enough understanding of liberty in the Ukraine that a movement toward the west would bring about anything but crony capitalism.

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