Wednesday, December 11, 2013

White House Is Near Naming Stanley Fischer To Be Vice-Chairman of the Fed

Wow, Stanley Fischer is a central banker's central banker. It is really surprising that he would be considered for (and take) the second spot at the Fed. Clearly, serious insiders don't believe Janet Yellen has what it takes.

Here's what WaPo said about him, this August:
He is deeply respected, even beloved, in the community of central bankers, an intellectual leader among the group of men and women who guide the world economy. In fact, he was a mentor to many of them. As it happens, he was thesis adviser to both current Fed chair Ben Bernanke and European Central Bank President Mario Draghi. 
Here's MarketWatch reporting the current news:
The White House is near naming Stanley Fischer to be the vice-chairman of the Federal Reserve, according to several reports on Wednesday. Fischer headed the Bank of Israel for eight years before retiring in June. He is well-known in U.S economic policy circles. As an economics professor at MIT, Fischer advised Fed chairman Ben Bernanke on his Ph.D. thesis. He left academia in 1988 to become chief economist at the World Bank. He then joined the International Monetary Fund, where he worked closely with U.S. officials during the Asian financial crisis. Fischer would replace Janet Yellen as the second highest Fed official when she takes over the top spot. The Senate is expected to vote on confirmation of Yellen's nomination next week, Senate aides said.
If you are a hard core conspiracy theorist, you have to start thinking that Yellen is being set up for a fall, with Fischer sliding in as "acting" chairman. There were questions early on as to whether Ficsher could make it through a Senate confirmation. This may be a backdoor move to get the ultimate central baker in place. Here's WaPo back in August, again:
The reason Fischer is not viewed as a front-runner for the Fed chairmanship is that he is viewed as a foreigner. He was born in Zambia and raised overseas before becoming a U.S. citizen in 1976. More politically tricky is that he was a high public official of another country for the last several years while serving as governor of the Bank of Israel.
I have had Fischer on my radar screen for some time. I wrote about Fischer in January:
Fischer was appointed Governor of the Bank of Israel in January 2005 by the Israeli cabinet but did not renounce his American citizenship.

He previously served as Chief Economist at the World Bank. Fischer also served as a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management from 1977 to 1988.  He was Ph.D. thesis advisor to both Ben Bernanke and Greg Mankiw, while at MIT.

Fischer received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from the London School of Economics. And his Ph.D. from MIT.

EPJ has previously reported on the strong M.I.T. influence at the Fed. Indeed, in many ways it could be considered the "Fischer influence."[...]He is a member of the Bilderberg Group and attended the Swiss 2011 Bilderberg conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland.
Consider this Yellen being put on notice. If she doesn't play ball with the banksters, whatever dirt they have on Yellen is going to come out real fast and Stanley will slide into position.


  1. They won't even need dirt. When her crazed policies (or even the residue of the incumbent's crazed policies) begin to have their inevitable effect, she'll be the donkey on whom the tail of the 2015 recession gets pinned. It will be G. William Miller all over again.

  2. Robert ~ What do you mean, "if she doesn't play ball with the banksters"? Yellen is a dove and most banksers like loose money. Are you inferring that the banksters are concerned about the threat of runaway prices when excess reserves are lent out?

  3. You're right that there's something fishy going on. In January, Fischer left the Bank of Israel halfway through his second term. Maybe he already knew he was going to get a job at the Fed, and he needed to put 1 year's break between the stints at the two central banks.

    We already know that Yellen is a huge inflater, so adding Fischer to the second spot is just loading up the Fed with huge inflaters, not threatening Yellen. Although Fischer is loved in mainstream circles, he's a huge inflater too. Remember that there were huge demonstrations in Isreal not too long ago against the cost of living. Real estate was hugely expensive there, and probably still is.

    Does anyone have money supply numbers for Israel?

  4. If Fischer is the Yezhov to Yellen's Yagoda, then who will be Beria?

  5. What difference does it make?

    What a rotten incestuous crony-fest.

  6. He was relatively restrained in Israel. I don't have numbers. However you could say that being a small country Israel can't afford the money printing that goes on in the US, if it did the same, the game would be up in a matter of months (as it was in the early 80's). So maybe in the US he'll be tempted to be more expansionary. Plus, being a Zionist, perhaps his sense of responsibility and restraint is more pronounced when dealing with Israeli monetary matters. The US may be a playground for ground and yet unheard of experiments.


  7. "The US may be a playground for ground and yet unheard of experiments."

    That's nothing new - we've been the Bernank's lab rats since the fall of Lehman.

  8. Gag me, this bolshie perv is a WorldBank/CFR/Bilderberg/MIT Fabian Marxist economist as well as BerSnake's PhD mentor....Fischer is slick as pigshitte on a pole, hold on to your wallets if this tool gets in!