Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tech Boom Creates Opportunities for Minorities

The tech boom is doing a lot more for minorities than crazed lefties calling for increases in the minimum wage.

According to Michael Mandel of the Progressive Policy Institute: The tech boom has opened up new opportunities for minorities. Over the past two years, the number of blacks working in computer and mathematical occupations has risen 28%, while the number of Hispanics working in computer and mathematical occupations has risen by 24%. That's more than double the 10% rise in overall tech employment.

(Via The Atlantic)


  1. Of course, the tech boom is the direct consequence of mad money printing by Fed, and it would be precisely junior tech workers which will be out in the streets when the bubble bursts.

  2. It can't be ruled out that a lot of these aren't affirmative action hires due to many tech companies growing larger, going public, and wishing to avoid scrutiny from the Federal Government and the general public.