Thursday, January 16, 2014

30 Lectures that Will Help You to Become a More Knowledgeable Libertarian

One of the most popular posts, ever, at EPJ is The 30 Day Reading List that will Lead You to Becoming a Knowledgeable Libertarian. It has recently occurred to me that, thanks largely to the Mises Institute, there are many, many videos and audio tapes that can help in educating the student of liberty. Here are my top selections:

1. The State Is Too Dangerous to Tolerate by Robert Higgs

2. by Murray Rothbard

3.The Myth of National Defense by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

4. Everything You Love You Owe to Capitalism by Lew Rockwell

5. The Austrians on Fascism: Hayek, Mises, and Roepke by David Gordon

6. The U.S. of Totalitarianism -Lew Rockwell interviews Doug Casey

7. The Privatization of Roads and Highways by Walter Block

8. The World at War by Ralph Raico

9. Economic Reasoning: The Most Common Fallacies by David Gordon

10.  Marxist and Austrian Class Analysis by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

11. Economics of Risk and Insurance  by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

12. The Role of Freedom in Economic Well Being: A Look at Evidence by Walter Block

13. 2+2 = 4 by Robert Wenzel

14. The Mises and Hayek Critiques of Modern Political State by Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

15. Murray N. Rothbard: Go Thou and Do Likewise by Gary North

16. Inflation During the Civil War by Mark Thornton

17. Chicago Economics v. Austrian Economics by Murray Rothbard

18. Weaponized Keynesians -Lew Rockwell interviews Joe Salerno

19. Death by Politician by Yuri Maltsev

20. America’s Slow-Motion Fascist Coup -Lew Rockwell interviews Naomi Wolf

21. Lost Treasures in 'Human Action' by  Hans-Hermann Hoppe

22. Public Service Is an Ignoble Calling by Robert Higgs

23.The Meaning of Ludwig von Mises by Murray Rothbard

24. The Fed and the Power Eilte by Murray Rothbard

25. How Empires Bamboozle the Bourgeoisie by Lew Rockwell

26. Keynes and His Influence by Gary North

27. Time Preference, Capital, Technology, and Economic Growth by  Hans-Hermann Hoppe

28. Political Entrepreneurship and the Economics of Wealth Destruction by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

29. Did Keynesian Economics Win the Battle of Ideas? by Peter G. Klein

30. Mr. Libertarian, Murray N. Rothbard  by Jeff Riggenbach

For day 31: The Good Life of Murray N. Rothbard  by JoAnn Rothbard


  1. Hey Wolfgang, it looks like you have your work cut out for you. Now get to listening you commie!

  2. I am surprised you omitted both Tom Woods and Ron Paul who have had more than one timeless libertarian speech.

    However, this is a great idea and I am excited about it.

  3. Somebody has a Wolfgang stuck in their head. Usually (always?) when we have a emotional response to another (good or bad) it is because we are seeing something in them that reminds us of something in us. Now you may be thinking, "But I'm not a statist pig." That's were it gets tricky. The something they are doing and the something that it reminds you of in you, can be two different things.

  4. Thanks for the list Robert! Are these in any particular order or can I skip around?

  5. And don't forget the Live Stream of this weekend's Mises Circle!
    On You Tube starting at 10am CST.

  6. Robert, here's another great one:

    "Is Limited Government an Oxymoron?" featuring Tom Woods and Doug Casey

  7. Thanks for the list, Mr. Wenzel. Robert Higgs' speech at the end of Mises University 2013 is one of my favorites, and I've listened to it several times.

    The link you have listed for number 2 is for a lecture by Peter Klein about the Fed. It's a good lecture, but if you truly meant to link to Murray Rothbard's lecture on Banking and the Business Cycle then here is the correct link:

    By the way, I'm a very satisfied EPJ Alert customer.