Thursday, January 16, 2014

How To Hide Your Gold And Silver


For gold and silver bullion buyers, the question arises of where to take delivery of and safeguard your precious metals.

Taking physical delivery of your gold or silver is often the most rewarding part of the purchasing experience, as it gives you, the bullion investor, a fuller understanding of the real value of tangible monetary assets.

As one of the industry's leading bullion dealers, we at pride ourselves on investing and buying bullion right alongside our customers.

Like many of our bullion customers, we typically choose to take physcial delivery first and then secondly store additional purchases of gold and silver at one of the many Segregated Gold Vault And Silver Storage Locations we offer.

Because we are such proponents of taking physical delivery first, we have compiled a few creative storage solutions based on voluntary, anonymous, customer feedback.

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  1. Awsome!

    I am always looking for places I can no longer hide things because someone posted it in the Internet.

  2. Robert Wenzel has decided to mention the issues of hiding gold (vs bitcoins). This is far harder than I feel most people realize. The advancements in microwave, x-ray, and 'metal detector' technology is going to make it very, very difficult to hide rare and unique metals such as gold. Of course, the Government is tracking all of your purchases, so if you purchase gold, regardless of how, the Government will know you have it. Eventually, Congress will seize gold as they did in the '30s and come take your gold from you. Think you're clever, putting it in the freezer? That one is really a joke. You really think the heat signature on that unused pipe is going to be the same as all the pipes full of water? And was your house built with PEC pipes? That makes the microwave and x-ray more effective. Going to put it up in a tree? One little Cessna with the right equipment will find that. Going to bury it? They track you with your cell phone. Leaving your cell phone at home? They track people without cell phones with drones.

    Most of the issues that EPJ and others point out regarding lack of anonymity with Bitcoin are really issues with the surveillance state.

    1. Dear Paul,
      The article was about keeping your stuff away from common everyday criminals, not from the unlimited reach of gooberment. That's a huge distinction you appear to have overlooked.
      Very very few ordinary 'smash and grab' criminals have metal detectors, and of those who do, it's quite unlikely they just randomly drive around breaking and entering so they scan your house for hours. Opportunity costs, don'tchya know?

      Also, are you aware that the gooberment did not confiscate everyone's gold in the 1930's? People were allowed to have around five ounces. Even the gooberment knows it cannot outlaw something entirely which people want. Look at the war on some drugs for example number one. And while the gooberment cannot fully control people, the gooberment can fully control electrons making their way through wires. That's the other big difference you seem to have overlooked.

      - PanarchistamericanHelot

    2. Even in your own yard it is not possible for anyone to find buried gold, if it is buried more than a few feet down.

  3. They'd nationalize the miners before going door to door looking for every gold coin out there. Or use an Executive Order to make them mine gold for the government.

  4. As an amateur herpetologist , I have a sizable collection of mostly harmless and venomless snakes, with one exception.
    My biggest tank contains a couple of fat Water moccassins.
    You can't even see them in their murky habitat.
    Therein lies my valuables.
    (I got that idea from some old western where the bad guy finally finds the sack of gold only to find that gold wasn't the only thing in the sack).
    If one is going to use this method, do not use rattlesnakes because rattlesnakes WANT to be seen therefore an intruder will easily kill your guardian. Copperheads are good at hiding but they will not bite unless severely provoked. ditto with the coral snake. Moccassins are the best for sheer meaness and they are the cheapest to feed.(coupla gold fish and/or a stray cat once a week).

  5. These storage ideas seem risky to me... So you hide silver/gold in a cored out log, or under a fake rock, or in a freezer. For long term storage, I presume? Then 5 years from now you do a landscaping project, or lend out some firewood, or place that log in a fire. Yikes... who would remember all the different places?