Wednesday, January 1, 2014

An Austrian A Day Keeps The Keynesians Away

By, Chris Rossini

A fresh new set of 365 has arrived.

The battle of Power vs. Market continues.

As the opposition tries to cram their idea of a "sharing economy" down everyone's gullet, we know that true sharing occurs voluntarily. True charity does not involve robbing one to give to another, or of threatening (and using) aggressive violence against one, for the benefit of another.

As the opposition tries to push "sustainability" at the point of a gun, we know that the only things that are really sustainable are liberty, sound money, free markets, and peace. Every cockeyed scheme that seeks to oppose them, may live for awhile, but is eventually washed away.

As the opposition hovers its drones and cries for "social responsibility," we know that the only true way path to harmony is through voluntary interactions, and respect for everyone's own person & property.

2013 was a fantastic year for liberty! Lew Rockwell summarized it beautifully. However, it is now in the past. It must now act as a springboard to much higher benchmarks.

There are seas of people who have been born into a "system". Sadly, that system waved goodbye to the concept of liberty. As daunting as the task ahead may seem, we are fortunate that liberty is not a complicated physical object that must be designed, funded, manufactured, boxed, shipped, and delivered by the pony express. Instead, liberty consists of a set of very simple ideas.

You can't physically point to an idea. You can't place it into someone's open hand. But you can share it by the simple act of speaking. And in our modern technologically-connected world, what you say has the ability to circle the Earth at the speed of light!

When the power-hungry create their "systems," a major element for their success relies upon keeping people walled-off from one another, keeping them segregated and (preferably) at war with one another. Success lies in keeping the seas of people completely in the dark to the ideas of free markets & liberty. Yesterday's column on Paul Krugman provides a great example of how it works.

The good news is this: the power-hungry have never had to do so with "their subjects" having the communication technologies like those that we have today.

Let's capitalize on that! Let's be more creative than we were in 2013, and use the tools that are available to their full capacity.

On Jan. 1, 2015 let's make it so Lew Rockwell can write: "I thought 2013 was great; but boy did 2014 bury it!"

Happy New Year!

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  1. Chris... You are inspirational! Stay on it, and help lead us in 2014 to greater heights!

  2. As Anon 6:11 said, you are inspirational Chris. I don't know how you and Robert will be able to top your 2013 work, but I have no doubt you'll find a way. Happy New Year!