Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bonus Entertainment: Is This How Paul Krugman Will React When the Austrians Takeover?

NyPo reports:

Alabama football fans haven’t had much practice coping with losses in recent years. Still, this is a bit much.
In the final stages of Alabama’s 45-31 Sugar Bowl loss to Oklahoma on Thursday night, a crazed female Crimson Tide fan was caught on video throwing down with a group of smug Sooners rooters.
As in, the houndstooth-clad mother literally threw herself down into the next row to unleash a tide of punches and vicious kicks before being restrained. Her favorite Alabama cheer: Rammer Jammer Bodyslammer.
The unapologetic brawler, identified as Michelle Pritchett of Sweet Water, Ala., told the Alabama-based news website Yellowhammer she was defending her teenage son against taunts from the rowdy Oklahoma contingent and “I’d had a couple drinks, but I was not intoxicated.”

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