Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brilliant Teaching about the World Wars

I first posted the below video, of Ralph Raico lecturing on the World Wars, last week. It is very long--3 hours, and I just finished it up a couple of days ago, but I want to emphasize how valuable it is.

Raico is a great lecturer, he throws out facts, a lot that you are unlikely to know, then he subtly throws out a major conclusion from the facts, where you just go, "Oh, yeah," as you realize how he has just put all the pieces neatly in a row to get to an important observation. It is brilliant teaching.

In this video,via this method, you will learn why entangling alliances are bad-real bad, why free trade is good and why most of the world first shrugged off reports of what was happening to Jews in Germany during World War II, and much more. Make the time, watch this video.

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  1. Ralph Raico is a wonderful revisionist historian.

    I especially appreciated this piece on Churchill, Man of Blood.