Saturday, January 11, 2014

Credit Card Hackers Hit Neiman Marcus

Upscale department store Neiman Marcus confirmed that its database of customer information was hacked last month, independent security researcher Brian Krebs reported on Friday, according to Cnet.

Ginger Reeder, a spokesperson for Dallas-based Neiman Marcus, told Krebs that details on the hack are sparse. The cause, size, and duration of the attack are currently unknown, pending the completion of a third-party forensics investigation.

It's time to go back to cash.


  1. Well, thank God we have the NSA protecting our security by preventing disclosure of known vulnerabilities. These NSA morons now have a conflict of interest in needing to have insecure and fundamentally compromised infrastructure because their mandate to spy on absolutely everyone conflicts with providing security of communications.

    It's a beautiful thing to see how the NSA's war against privacy has made the US economy widely vulnerable to cyber attacks.

  2. This story correlates with new of same store sales for Tiffany vs sears/kmart. Even hackers need to upscale their "shopping". Who was asked "why do you rob banks?" And replied "that's where the money is"

    Tiffany's should upgrade their customer account security immediately.

  3. Breaches like these and if they continue give more momentum to the "Use cash" movement, both on the consumer and business side.