Thursday, January 9, 2014

DISGUSTING: Rand Paul at the White House Today with the President

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky [...] is among a bipartisan group of senators expected to attend the president's announcement Thursday on the designation of "Promise Zones" to help communities tackle poverty.
Paul is also expected to join Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and other lawmakers at a private meeting with the president at the White House to discuss the initiative prior to the announcement, an aide for Paul told Fox News.
According to HuffPo (my highlights)
Essentially, the White House is placing [...]five struggling communities into the intensive care unit so that it can apply some targeted economic medicine to try to revive them. Fifteen more communities are expected to selected over the next three years.
This medicine will be in the form of increased federal funding, tax incentives and grants. The funds aim to bolster education, access to housing and reduce crime and to partner with local community leaders and businesses.
The first Promise Zone locations are in San Antonio, Texas; Philadelphia; Los Angeles; southeastern Kentucky and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

When Rand first introduced his enterprise zones, I warned:
Rand Paul better be real careful with his Economic Freedom Zone Act of 2013. It can quickly turn into a tool of lefties and other types of government meddlers.
And indeed, it has, with increased federal funding and grants. It's a shame Rand didn't see this in the first place, but it is doubly troubling that Rand is at the White House endorsing and probably taking credit for this expansion of the state.



  1. How do you know he is endorsing Obama's proposal? If he did, I think it would be really bad. I predict he doesn't endorse it. Rand's voting record on economic issues is exactly the same as Ron Paul's voting. I can't think of one economic issue where he would have voted differently from Ron.

    Is this more "insider knowledge" or just the typical made up bullshit? There is NOTHING in his record that would lead you to believe that he would support Obama's proposal. Not one thing.

    1. Agreed. Just seems like another substance free Wenzel Rand bash. If Rand ends up coming out against it do you think Bob will update this post? Doubtful.

    2. You are both clueless, or willfully ignorant.

      #1 Would Ron Paul have taken his young son and gone to Israel to show fealty to the Likud party in an effort to garner fundamentalist christian votes?

      #2 Would Ron Paul have stated that he wanted the TSA to be private, or would he rather have abolished it?

      #3 Would Ron Paul have wanted Edward Snowden to be thrown in prison, or would he have excoriated the NSA for their transgressions against the Bill of Rights?

      #4 Would Ron Paul have been as quite as a mega church mouse concerning the runaway budget of the Department of Defense during his time in congress?

      #5 Would Ron Paul have provided political cover for Mitch McConnell's right side by acting in concert with a statist fascist like the senior senator from Kentucky?

      #6 Do either of you clowns know someone who was inside most of Ron Paul's strategy sessions during 2008 and 2012, and have had lengthy conversations with them about what really went on? Well I do!

    3. If Rand yet again shows that his inclinations are far more statist than Ron Paul's (as in his message that Ed Snowden should do time), do you think the Rand-sycophants will finally wake up and stop kissing his rear? Doubtful.

    4. Hey Tony do you remember the time Wenzel complained that Ron didn't want to abolish social security immediately?

      Oh yeah, Rand is probably one of the soundest senator's in terms of policy and votes in more than 100 years. Sad but the truth. Rand is far far from perfect? No shit! I don't kiss anyone's rear including Bob's or Ron's. But then again I also don't make baseless claims about Rand like Bob does either.

      But let's stay tuned Tony! Maybe Bob will update this post after his baseless claims are shown false. Ehh...I won't hold my breath!

    5. Oh, and I'll add, if Bob is right and Rand does indeed come out and endorse these plans then I'm officially done with him and he will no longer get any kind of support from me.

    6. Hey anonymous...
      Did you read the latest article?

      That's what you get for believing in a "false prophet" who has already shown through his rhetoric that he is no friend of REAL freedom.

      Can we conclude that you are now officially done with him?
      Or is there going to be a catch?
      I'm only asking because there always seems to be some catch when Rand supporters are faced with totally unlibertarian behavior on Rand's part.

      "Oh yeah, Rand is probably one of the soundest senator's in terms of policy and votes in more than 100 years."

      Libertarians don't measure people by comparing them to the utter CRAP. Everybody could come up smelling like roses that way. We measure them according to libertarian standards. Come close and you get respect (see: Ron Paul), rhetoric-spewing frauds get called such (Reagan), and guys that are basically held as god's current gift to freedom (Rand) is exposed again and again to make sure people know the difference between libertarians and a guy that couldn't even be called a "small government conservative".

      The Big Question that needs asking is: can libertarians TRUST Rand Paul to at least stick with his original viewpoints? Obviously not. There's no telling what Rand would peddle in order to get to the white house. He is looking to be merely a white, Republican version of Barack Obama in how any of his viewpoints could be for sale.

  2. I totally agree, and I wouldn't be surprised if Chris Cristie's traffic-gate problems has something to do with his decision to attend. And look at names on that list, Detroit is one thing, but San Antonio, Texas? Philadelphia? Los Angeles? Southeastern Kentucky? This is just a clever repackaging of bailouts and pork barrel spending.

  3. Don't ever get in between pigs and their slop.

  4. This is vote-buying, pure and simple.

  5. Promise Zones, really? That means so much coming from the Promise Breaker In Chief. Of course what is really going on here is that stolen money is being lavished on local, Democrat affiliated political groups to buy votes for the mid term elections. How nice of Rand to provide face time for this scam.

    The things people will do when they want to run for the worlds most dangerous political office really turn my stomach.

  6. Wenzel, love ya man but you have interesting habit of calling people fools for actions the government takes to pervert their good ideas. Do you really think Rand Paul hasn't thought of what you warned about?

  7. Wait, does the President even have this authority? Federal funding, tax overhaul and policy making for a select few at the behest of one man?

    Shouldn't someone be asking this question?