Thursday, January 9, 2014

Walmart Shoppers Greeted By Traffic Tickets

By Martin Hill

Stricken with bronchitis last month, I went to Walmart to pick up some medicine and alas, the first thing I saw was a motorcycle cop pulling over an old man in the Walmart parking lot. I guess this is the reward for buying our cheap Chinese slave goods. The man had made a left turn into the Walmart parking lot and was immediately stopped by an officer who wrote him a ticket for an illegal left turn. (You'd think they would put turn lanes in front of a Walmart?) Afterwards I went out and took some photos of the officer hiding in the bushes lying in wait for his next 'customer.' Video and photos of the cop are below.

Cop hides camouflaged under the shade tree as witless Walmart shoppers unknowingly wait to get shafted. You can see that the officer is only feet away from the Walmart lot.


  1. Replies
    1. Certainly looks that way to me...

  2. Looks like someone is trying to meet their monthly quota for revenue enhancement. Happened to me recently on the way to a doctors appt. The badged revenue agent was quite proud of himself and informed me that the laser device he clocked me with was infallible and there was no use contesting the ticket in court. Intimidation and misinformation under color of authority just a little? Cost me $490. 1 mile an hour more would have cost me twice that plus 2 points against my driving record and no traffic school option.

    When he asked me if I had any questions I said no, which seemed to irritate him. He then asked me why I didn't have any questions and I said "What good would that do?" He walked back to his hog in a huff and I made sure to wish him a bad day loudly. Cops can be such pricks.

  3. Leave him alone - he's just keeping the peace and defending liberty