Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Feds Spend Big On Study of 'Custom-Fit' Condoms

CNBC reports:

The U.S. government is on the hunt to find the perfect condom, according to the New York Post.

The National Institutes of Health plans to spend $224,863 to test 95 "custom-fit" condoms, so men can choose the one that fits just right, the paper reported.

Why is the government spending six figures to see to men's personal comfort? Despite the efforts to promote the use of latex condoms to help prevent the spread of HIV, the government says, usage remains "disappointingly low," the Post reported.

The reason, the government explains, is because men complain about the fit.


  1. Nothing is too good for friends of empire.

  2. Sometimes when I'm bored I'll pick out the largest "MAX!!!" condom and ask the sales girl "Is this the largest you've got??", with indignation.
    Haven't gotten a date yet, though. :(

  3. "The National Institutes of Health plans to spend $224,863 to test 95 "custom-fit" condoms"

    Searching for the optimal hat size for all the dickheads in government...

  4. There's not a condom out there big enough for Jerry Wolfgang.

    Jerry Wolfgang. Proof that sirloin ain't no hamburger.