Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fish Who Are Almost Glad To Be Caught In The Net

By, Chris Rossini

In Stephen Kinzer's excellent book The Brothers (here's Kinzer on The Robert Wenzel Show) he quotes former CIA director Allen Dulles, who said that his interest in espionage was partly shaped by fishing.

Dulles enjoyed:
"finding the fish, hooking the fish and playing the fish, to draw him in and tire him until he's almost glad to be caught in the net."
What a revealing sentence. It captivates the mentality of those who hunger for power. Substitute the word "people" for "fish" and you have the goals of The State in a nutshell.

So where do Americans fall? Have they reached the point where they're "almost glad to be caught in the net?"

Well let's see: Almost 50 million on food stamps, 11 million collecting disability, 57 million collecting social security, and (get this) 69% of Americans who want unemployment "benefits" for longer than 26 weeks! 36% want them for an entire year!!

Has the American spirit been neutered? The fish are obviously caught in the net....and they seem to like it. Other people's money, as well as buckets of imitation chum that the Fed throws into the waters, are evidently too hard to resist.

Here's the caveat, the State's net always, always, always snaps!

It's quite ironic that Americans used to be the ones who would turn on the TV to watch those dependent people in "backwards" countries actually rioting in the streets. They were not rioting for liberty...No, they were rioting for the net. They wanted back into the net!

Unless major changes in the direction of liberty are made, the U.S. establishment's net is eventually going to snap. There's no avoiding it.

How would the dependents in the land of the free react?

Just the thought is very unsettling.

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  1. I think there's a big difference between being dependent on welfare and being caught in a net. People love the government. They love the free roads, free schools, student loans, small business loans, Medicare, Social Security, unemployment insurance, FDIC insurance, disability payments, police protection, free fire fighters, military service, and on and on. And how many people, if they don't work directly for government, work for a government contractor? Both make a great living. There's no chance of convincing all those people to give it all up and respect the property of others. They're not caught in a net. They LOVE it.

    1. They might LOVE it but........... it's a net just the same.
      .They'll love the cannery too.