Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Government Schools Are Dinosaurs

By, Chris Rossini

This is pretty awesome!

In 1 min 10 sec., Gary Vaynerchuk summarizes why government schools are going the way of the Tyrannosaurus Rex:

(NB: some language)

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  1. Print my comments Cowards!

  2. A couple idiots with socks on their heads. Who considers someone "smart" just because they know the 19th President? Most of the people who oppose govt schools don't even believe there was a T-Rex.

    1. Well, I agree that they are wearing douchebag hats, thing is...if we disqualify the comments of everyone wearing douchebag hats Jerry it would wipe out a good portion of Left leaning modern day "philosophers", so tread lightly.

      In the mean time just remember that is was PBS that came up with the immensely stupid idea of an anthropomorphic T-Rex to teach the value of cleaning up ones room as opposed to a smattering of creationists who happen to be against gov't schools. So there's that you have to content with outside of your ridiculous characterization of the demographics surrounding those opposed to the concept of government schooling.

    2. Maybe they don't believe there was a T-Rex, but you provide living proof to them and us all of the Neanderthal's existence.

  3. Nonsense. If you know Rutherford B. Hayes, you might also know that he set a very un-libertarian precedent of using the army to resolve labor disputes. You might also know that he defended the gold standard against bimetallism, and you might understand how this contributed to the United States' prodigal economic growth in the late 19th century.

    Insight comes from relating many facts to the situation at hand. Google can't do that. You actually have to know stuff with your own brain.

    Those headsocks do look comfortable though.

  4. Unfortunately, Timothy, none of that information is actually taught in school anyway. So the point remains well taken that it is pointless to sit in school all day to memorize random isolated facts that we have at our fingertips.

    1. That is a very good point. Government schooling is like any socialist production, focused on the appearance of value (regurgitation of random facts) instead of actual value (integration of meaningful facts). It is a cargo cult distantly inspired by real education.

      In recognizing this let's not fall for the assumption that real education is rendered obsolete by technology. That includes memorizing facts in context for spontaneous recollection.

    2. I think your comment and Timothy's are about semantics. I do agree with Timothy that a baseline in logic and factual events is very important. In respect to your response, you are right, school doesn't teach it.

      Understand that school = government funded education camp created in order to facilitate obedience to the state and to undermine individuality. As a baseline to where I'm coming from, please see School Sucks: The American Way http://youtu.be/okPnDZ1Txlo

      I think it was Tom Woods who makes a good point. When you look at welfare like SNAP (Food Stamps), government doesn't own the food industry, nor supermarkets. The entitlements are a public aspect of the private market. But education is extremely important to the state. It has taken control of education for the whole country.

      So government has a monopoly on what you learn from K-12. Then it makes it compulsory. Think about that. Let it sink in and ask "why"?

      We really don't have "education" as much as we have "conditioning." Once you understand the root of education and the goal of the state, it is not surprising why real learning doesn't happen.

      We can argue about the particulars of public education all day long. This is what the state wants. It is a very common divide and conquer technique that takes the focus off the root of the issue.

      The real thing that the state is afraid of is losing control of education. The internet may be able to significantly disrupt the state monopoly on education. The semantics of that is irrelevant, because once that happens, real education, with proper learning techniques, will come out of private market competition instead of being based on government control with dictates from the Department of Education.