Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hey Paul Krugman: 10 Things You Will Pay More for in 2014

What will Paul Krugman, who sees no price inflation say about this list of items that will absolutely positively be going up in price, according to CNN Money.

1. Nuts

2. Letter mailing

3. A house

4. Rent

5. Honey

6. Chocolate

7. Satellite TV

8. Public transportation

9. Healthcare 

10. Taxes

So if you eat nuts or chocolate, mail letters, pay rent, take public transportation, use healthcare (or buy healthcare insurance) or pay taxes, Krugman's no inflation wonderland will not exist for you.


  1. May you repost the link? It doesn't go anywhere.

  2. To a government drone, if it's not captured in the CPI, it doesn't exist. If it's included and makes the number go up too much, it is magically adjusted to arrive at a more palatable level.

    In the fantasy world that is Washington, data must fit the narrative, not the other way around.

  3. Krugman's response: *puts fingers in ears* "La la la la la....I hate the free market....la la la la!"

  4. Left out "sanity"...