Thursday, January 9, 2014

Huffington Post in Serious Attack Mode Against Chris Christie

Check out this HuffPo frontpage:

CHRISTIE CANS CAPO... I'm The Victim!... SAYS THERE MAYBEWAS A TRAFFIC STUDY!... Gave Just One Hour For Aides To Come Clean... 'I'm Not A Bully'... U.S. Attorney Joins The Hunt...

CAPO PLEADS 5th AMENDMENT... Closure Delayed 4 Emergency Responses... Unconscious Woman Later Died... Slowed Search For Missing 4-Year-Old... Mayor Responds: 'I Am Very Fearful Of Ramifications'... Stories Of Retribution Trail Gov... NJ Paper: If He Knew, He's 'Obviously Lying And Unfit For Office'... DAILY NEWS LOWERS THE BOOM: Christie 'Built Top Staff Of Lying Thugs'... Gov's Appointee Held In Contempt...


  1. Wow... a political scandal that is actually being covered by the corporate/state run media. What's going on? They've ignored far worse (e.g. murder, bombings, spying, wars, etc.). Is it because he's and R?

  2. Is it really such big news that politicians and political hacks abuse power? Obama has done the same sort of things and worse. Huffington Post as a leftie rag is obviously just milking this since Christie is a political adversary and he would have given Hillary a problem in 2016.

    1. Hill's got her her own problems - so many skeletons in the closet SHE can't get out...

      [No where to run to, no where to hide]

    2. Not at all. Just look at the so-called "Ron Paul, Inc.," of which of course Ron Paul knew nothing about like Wenzel tells us. Christie, on the other hand, is the "typical politician" who either knew about this or even executed the plan himself.

  3. This is disgusting but compared to all of the abuses going on in the Obama administration this is child's play. Although, I am enjoying watching him squirm.

  4. Didn't have to come from Hil's mob, I mean Christie is up against some others for the Oval Office.