Thursday, January 9, 2014

“Money Flows to Me.”

By Ashlee Vance and Brad Stone

Joel Flickinger’s two-bedroom home in the hills above Oakland, Calif., hums with custom-built computing gear. Just inside the front door, in a room anyone else might use as a den, he’s placed a desk next to a fireplace that supports a massive monitor, with cables snaking right and left toward two computers, each about the size of a case of beer. Flickinger has spent more than $20,000 on these rigs and on a slower model that runs from the basement. They operate continuously, cranking out enough heat to warm the house and racking up $400 a month in electric bills. There isn’t much by way of décor, other than handwritten inspirational Post-it notes:

“I make money easily,” one reads.

“Money flows to me.”

“I am a money magnet.”

Flickinger, 37, a software engineer and IT consultant by trade, doesn’t leave the house much these days. He’s a full-time Bitcoin miner.

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  1. And, as of today, you can now spend them directly at

  2. He's utilizing the "Law of Attraction".

  3. He's a fucking nut case...

  4. OMG. And these are the things (shitcoins) that people want to base a monetary system on????? Now I know people are crazy! I'll just keep buying gold at low prices in this "bear" market. Good luck with your overheating computers. Hope you don't lose electricity.

  5. Last year I started a debate with Bob about BC. I argued it came close to meeting the regression theorem, but the last year has proven me wrong.

    BC is great as a transactional currency, but the regulatory barriers and the fact that new Bitcoin alternatives- litecoin

  6. Shit. Damn google interface on the iPad.

    Anyway, competitors are just a code block away. Some may even begin to provide more anonymity (a flaw that has been exposed many times here at EPJ and other sites) compared to BC.

    The "code" for Bitcoin may be sound, but it will be destroyed by the regulators.

    That's when a real, anonymous, dangerous and powerful "virtual currency" that DOES meet the regression theorem will bloom.

    Bob, thanks for your effort exposing the Bitcoin scam.