Wednesday, January 8, 2014

INSIDE PEEK: The Groundwork Rand Paul Is Doing to Prepare for His Presidential Run

I had an informative conversation yesterday with an insider who is familiar with the thinking of some of those running Rand Paul.

He tells me that for all practical purposes the Rand Paul presidential run has already started and that sophisticated mailings are going out to prospective Rand supporters on almost a daily basis. The insider tells me that the mailings do not catch the eye of the general public because the emails (and postal mailings) are basically "hermetically sealed."

He explained to me that what he meant by  "hermetically sealed" was that all the names of the contributors and other supporters are carefully categorized. The insider said:
Let's take these three groups, the pro-life group, the National Right to Work crowd and the gun owners. The pro-life group will see steady emails and postal mail about Rand's pro-life positions. Now, there may be pro-life people who are anti-gun, but they will never get any of Rand's pro-gun emails. The pro-gun people, who may or may not be pro-life, will only see his pro-gun positions. The National Right to Work people will only see his anti-union positions. 
What they are trying to do is hit the sweet spot of various voter groups, so that when the primaries come and he is attacked, say, for his pro-gun position, the pro-lifers will ignore the attack because they have been receiving communication from Rand about their sweet spot issue.
The insider also clarified for me Rand's pro-Israel stance, with his seeming animosity towards the neo-cons, who are pro-Israel. My thinking had always been, why be pro-Israel to catch some evangelical votes, but agitate the neocons, who are pro-Israel, also? Why doesn't Rand just stop the attacks on the neo-cons and wave the pro-Israel flag at them, since he is already waving that flag at the evangelicals?

The insider pointed out, without a moments hesitation, that this is occurring because Rand's controllers all come out of the National Right to Work organization and they hate the neocons for their pro-union stance. He said:
When you go work for the National Right to Work, they hand you a fact book. In that fact book is a pro-union piece by neocon Ben Wattenberg. They make clear to you that the neocons are not friends (Even though the neocons hold a foreign policy view similar to key Rand controllers.)


  1. These are all very loathsome, disgusting, sleazy and unprincipled people. I'll not vote in 2016. Ignore these shysters.

    1. Pro-gun, pro-Right to Work, pro-life, pro-liberty... none of these are contradictory. So what exactly is wrong with promoting each position to the supporters who care most about each issue?

      Ron Paul did this in 08 & 12. School choice lists, got mailing that highlighted school choice. Pro-life lists got pro-life mailings. Gun lists got mailings about how he's the most pro 2nd Amendment. None misrepresented his position, just told voters about the RP's positions they were most likely to care about. As someone who gave the RP campaign $$, I'd be upset if they didn't.

  2. Rand doesn't stand a chance against the Bush family crime syndicate.
    But he will serve his purpose.(the illusion of choice).
    Jeb versus Hillary.
    What difference does it make?