Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Margot Robbie on 'The Wolf of Wall Street' & Why You Should Never Have Sex On A Pile of Cash

Daily Beast reports:
[T] he blond Aussie stunner is heating up cinemas across the country as Naomi Lapaglia, the promiscuous, no-nonsense wife of shady stockbroker Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), in Martin Scorsese’s bacchanal of sex, drugs, and machismo, The Wolf of Wall Street. 
And she tells DB:
I got a million paper cuts on my back from all that money! It’s not as glamorous as it sounds. If anyone is ever planning on having sex on top of a pile of cash: don’t. Or maybe real money is a bit softer, but the fake money is like paper, and when I got up off the bed, I turned around to get my robe and everyone gasped. I said, “What is it?” And they said, “You look like you’ve been whipped a million times. Your back is covered in a thousand red scratches.”


  1. Don't do it with real money either. It's not sanitary. Literally, it's physically disgusting.

  2. In 2009, Robbie began residing in a house with her Neighbours co-star Ashleigh Brewer. Following her decision to quit Neighbours, Robbie announced that she was moving to Los Angeles to live with her former co-star Caitlin Stasey.

  3. Real money won't leave paper cuts, because it isn't made of paper.

  4. Better to do it on a pile of gold coins.

    1. Or you could just use some of that money to buy a good mattress. Just saying.