Thursday, January 30, 2014

Is It Time for Paul Krugman to Start Reading Serious Austrian Economics Literature?

Joe Salerno says, "Yes," here.


  1. What is there to learn? If it costs the Koch Bros money, it's bad. That's everything you ever wanted to know about Austrian economics.

    1. It is amazing how many comments you post without reading anything in this site, Jerry. Your judgement will come though.... Hopefully your ignorance is genuine.

  2. Jerry Wolfgang appears not to realize that the Kochs HATE the Mises Institute and Austrian Economics. The Kochs have been hell-bent on destroying Lew Rockwell and everyone associated with him.
    Please tell me your post is a joke, Jerry. Can you really be that ignorant basic facts?

  3. Jerry Wolfgang is a covert Austrian who wants to make Keynesians look even dumber. Love it.