Thursday, January 30, 2014

Murray Sabrin Considering Run for US Senate

Occasional EPJ Contributor, Murray Sabrin emails:

I am considering seeking the GOP nomination  to take on Cory Booker [in New Jersey].  I will make a decision in the next couple of weeks.
[...]  If I do it, I want to create the grand coalition, Rs, conservatives, libertarians, independents and pissed off Ds.  The platform would be free enterprise, not cronyism, uncompromising support for the Bill of Rights, a noninterventionist foreign policy and no more legal counterfeiting.  
I replied:
This is a great idea, if you are considering using such a platform to advance hardcore principled libertarianism. If you go Rand Paulian on us and hedge your views in the hope of getting elected, it is a terrible idea.
For my take on running for office, see: How to Run for Office Like Ron Paul


Murray responds to my email:
Thanks Bob.  I am going to let it rip if I enter the race.  Antiwar sentiment is high in NJ as is support for civil liberties.  Unfortunately, there is too much support for economic intervention even among Rs.  I will lay down my conditions with GOP party leaders in the next few days.  



  1. Murray, don't you dare become Mr. Lukewarm like Rand. You do and all my respect for you will disappear. If they don't want to elect you then fuck them!

  2. Murray... don't lay down your conditions... just run. Screw them and their "leadership". Do your own thing without regard for their opinions.

  3. Murray ran before. He was not a serious candidate. His attacks on the other candidates were highly insulting and often way over the top. They were personal, rather than issue-oriented. Now, this is OK, if your objective is to simply ruin the other candidates and hurt the party (GOP). I have nothing against that. But I don't think he did the cause of Liberty any favors. I think he came off as someone who couldn't be taken seriously. He was not a Ron Paul, who would politely stick to his guns in the face of attacks, and explain why the Liberty message offers the best hope for all.

    1. What's wrong with ruining GOP and insulting thieving sociopaths?