Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's Has Been Colder In Chicago Than at the South Pole

Chicago, on Monday, reached a new low for the date of minus 16 and  hovered yesterday at 3 degrees at 4:51 p.m. local time, according to the National Weather Service.

“Today is a brutal day, and there is no way around it,” said Tom Kines, a meteorologist with AccuWeather Inc. in State College, Pennsylvania. “One of my colleagues pointed out to me that the South Pole this morning is 6 below. That means places like Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, all those places are colder than the South Pole.”


  1. - But, this is all due to Climate Change because heat in one place produces cold weather in another place. It's like all the friction that produces heat blows wind towards another place which causes that place to get colder. It's like the "Butterfly Effect".
    - It's, also, due to the fact that when people pollute it hurts the Ozone layer that allows cold space winds into the Earth's atmosphere. This may very well cause the Earth's axis to tip a bit; thus why we see the "vortex" near Ohio.
    - It's, also due to chemical reaction. Much like those air cans where you blow stuff out of printers. You get friction - the heat - but you also end up with freezing cold hands. This may be the reason why the ship was caught in the ice in the arctic.

    I know this is basic writing, but I have only taken a couple classes so far on these matters. My Prof. at Penn State said I was coming along just fine. He said soon I'll be able to do my dissertation on Vortexes.

  2. Thought this was interesting. According to Wikipedia, the record high recorded at the South Pole in January was -14C (7F):

    It's of course summer at the South Pole, so this would be the time year where Chicago has this opportunity to beat those temps.

  3. I live in Chicago and got a chuckle at how all non public safety / public transit government workers got the day off while us private sector schlubs had to brave the freeze (someone has to pay the taxes, right?). Also there was a complete breakdown in public transportation which hundreds of thousands of people use to commute to work every day, a total mess. Two days later the trains still aren't running on schedule, and the rumor is that the city blew through its entire yearly snow budget just this week due to all the overtime.

  4. Maybe that global warming research guy that got stuck in the ice at the south pole can now study the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.