Saturday, January 25, 2014

Judge Sentences Adam Kokesh to Probation

Adam Kokesh dodges a bullet.

Last week Friday,a  D.C. Superior Court judge placed Kokesh on two years of probation in connection with the July 4th incident in which he videotaped himself loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza, reports WaPo.

Kokesh, spent nearly four months in D.C. jail after his arrest, but was released in November after he pleaded guilty to carrying a rifle or shotgun, possession of an unregistered firearm, and unlawful possession of ammunition.

According to WaPo, at his sentencing, Kokesh spoke of his right to protest, but apologized for his actions.

“I protest because I believe it is everyone's right,” he said, standing next to his attorney. “I made an error in judgement. I am here because I take responsibility. I will be happy to refrain from civil disobedience.”

Kokesh has to register as a gun offender. He said he plans to move to California.


  1. Dodged a bullet? more like shot himself in the foot. He spent 4 months in jail, and now has a criminal record which will stigmatize him for at least a decade. Why? No reason really.

  2. Why Jerry? Because of this...

  3. Adam had a fairly good following with his "Adam vs. The Man" show. He blew it all and like the previous poster said: now he has a criminal record. Perhaps he can start over but I doubt that he will ever attract the following that he used to have. Adam, you need to go easy on the weed buddy... it will make you do crazy things.

    1. Yeah, it's that darn old "principles" thing.

    2. " Perhaps he can start over but I doubt that he will ever attract the following that he used to have."

      If people who supported him before the arrest all of a sudden stopped because he was arrested for a victimless crime than they weren't really interested in liberty to begin with.

    3. Well then, according to you, he was able to ignore his principles for years before finally pulling this stunt. Are you really saying he couldn't have found a way to be far more effective without also screwing himself, considering how pointless the whole stunt turned out to be? Adam himself said that the reaction he expected was, in hindsight, too optimistic. Now, he's lost 4 months of his time (time during which he could have actually been helping the movement), he's got a Federal record following him around, and they're taking away his ability to legally (though surely not lawfully or rightfully) own a firearm.

      We all supported him when he got locked up in Philly (I even called), and a lot of us even backed the armed march. This was just prodding a bear.

  4. I met Adam Kokesh at Ernest Hancock's Christmas party shortly after he left the military. Adam had an outgoing personality, was articulate, and considerate, but he suffered from serious symptoms of PTSD. Adam was shaking and evidenced extreme discomfort as we talked that night, he had to excuse himself for a couple of minutes to regain his composure. When he returned he was smoking and apologized for his agitated appearance and anxiety. I have to tell you I felt really bad for Adam and all of the things he was going through because of his time in Fallujah.

    There are many who are convinced that Adam Kokesh is the Libertarian Messiah who could lead the Liberty movement. But I had watched way too many episodes of Adam's show where he was wearing a wife beater and looking like a Gold's Gym Trotskyite, to think he could lead anything of real importance. The Adam Kokesh I have witnessed is imbued with a sense of instability and disquiet that tells me that he has to find a firmer grip on his emotional bearings before he does anything else.

    I tried to reach Adam by email before he pulled his thoughtless stunt in the park that night, and I warned him not to believe that he could be the second coming of John Brown. Adam Kokesh was in my opinion delusional and self destructive to the point that I had serious questions about his ability to make sound decisions and his grip on reality.

    If I could talk to him now I would tell him that the things that he did in the name of the American empire while in Iraq were hideous beyond measure but that he had to take care of himself first and leave the Liberty movement to those who possess a deeper well of emotional reserve. Heal yourself Adam, there are people who care about you and all emotionally scared veterans who are victims of this modern day Sparta.