Friday, January 24, 2014

Pope Francis Wants to Visit U.S.; Obama Scheduled to Visit the Vatican

CNN reports:
 Pope Francis has expressed his intention to visit the United States next year for a major meeting of the Roman Catholic Church, CNN Vatican analyst John Allen said Friday, citing Vatican sources.
The pope would attend the eighth World Meeting of Families, which has been held every three years since the late Pope John Paul II convened the first such gathering in 1994. The Vatican announced in February that the meeting will be held September 22-27, 2015, in Philadelphia.
"The World Meeting of Families has traditionally been attended by the Holy Father," Kenneth Gavin, a spokesman for the Philadelphia Archdiocese, said in a statement. "We are planning as if Pope Francis will be with us and have no indication that he will not attend. It is important to note that reports circulating widely today regarding the Holy Father's presence are not official."[...]
While Vatican officials told Allen that Francis has expressed a desire to attend the Philadelphia meeting, no firm plans have been made. The Vatican does not confirm the dates of papal trips until shortly before they happen.
"One of his challenges is that he doesn't speak as many languages as his predecessors," Paprocki said. "Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict could come to the United States and quite easily speak in English. Pope Francis is not quite as comfortable or proficient in the language."[...]
President Obama is planning to meet the Pope on March 27 at the Vatican.

This Pope and this president together. The end may be near.


  1. "Pope Francis Wants to Visit U.S"

    Ok, but just like everybody else he gets naked body scanned and sexually assaulted within a fraction of an inch of penetration and what would be statutory rape if performed by a Mundane.

  2. He should just speak Spanish when he visits America. No Hispanic I've met has the courtesy to speak English here so why should he?

  3. O at the Vatican?

    [Talk about the church falling on you...]

  4. Odumbo and Pope Lenin. There's two real winners.