Friday, January 31, 2014

Lifetime Ban for Bernanke?

Outgoing Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is a big baseball fan, so someone created a Bernanke "baseball card."

I say we continue the metaphor and ban him for career long abuse of green ink,thus, keeping money supply growth on steroids.

Money supply growth under Bernanke:


  1. Great idea! To extend the metaphor, he's guilty of betting on banks while managing them. Lifetime ban indeed.

  2. This is too good to be true. Somebody needs to create a mock "baseball" card.

    Interest rate: 0%
    Monetary expansion: X Trillion (what is the number now?)
    QE's: 4
    Widows kicked to the street: X million (?)
    Unemployment Rate: X%

  3. I long to get the Jerry Wolfgang card. It's highly sought after. Sadly, the price ceiling Jerry set on his card has caused a shortage. However, he thinks raising minimum wage would make his card more affordable.

  4. Liberalism was a paradigm and age of inflationism that in its terminal phase featured the US Dollar Hegemonic Empire. Fed Chariman Ben Bernanke was the father of the inflation trade, he led the greatest liberation movement of all time; he set the investor free to pursue investment choice. Under his leadership, the Great Years, that is from 2008 through 2013, became the epoch of the riskless trade. Yet many chose not to invest, keeping their money in what has been safe assets, that is checking accounts and savings accounts, as is seen in the chart of M2 Money Supply, rising to what will likely be its peak value of 11,017.

    Liberalism’s debt based money system was revitalized after the 2008 crash by Ben Bernanke who traded out “money good” US Treasuries for the most toxic of debt, such as that traded by Fidelity Mutual Fund, FAGIX, and then oversaw Global ZIRP, with the result that wily investors garnered tremendous gains AN, KMX, and LAD.

    It was not US Government Bonds, GOVT, such as US Treasuries, TLT, or World Government Bonds, BWX, that underwrote liberalism’s crack up boom.

    Rather, it was the most toxic, and highest yielding debt, such as Distressed Investments, FAGIX, and Junk Bonds, JNK, seen that underwrote ongoing investing, and generated liberalism’s peak moral hazard wealth.

    Not only was it investors chasing yield, but it was also currency traders pursuing carry trades, such as the EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY, that drove investments from July 1, 2013, through January 24, 2014, continually higher.

    Dispensation economics presents the faith based concept of the apostle Paul who wrote in Ephesians 1:10, that Jesus Christ is at the helm of the economy of God, overseeing all things in every age and bringing them to their fullness and completion who ordains kings and seigniors, that is money lords, who in the process of coining currency, take a cut.

    In God’s economy there are no bastards; as all things are of God, come through God, and exist unto God, 2 Corinthians 5:17-18. God ordained all things from eternity past; as time unfolds, He brings them forth; and for the saints they feature the election of Grace; but for the aints, appointment unto death.

    From the dispensation economics viewpoint, the two greatest economic geniuses of all time have been first, Milton Friedman, in developing the Free To Choose Floating Currency Regime and in suggesting to President Nixon that the US off the gold standard; and second, Ben Bernanke in maturing and perfecting the Creature From Jekyll Island as the platform for developing investors trust. It was under their guidance, that liberalism's democratic nation state's policies of investment choice, and banker regimes’ policies of credit stimulus, created stupendous wealth.

    These two thought leaders have truly been economists extraordinaire, as they created liberalism’s investor, and as they established liberalism’s four dynamos of economic activity: creditism, corporatism, globalism, and clientelism.

  5. As much as Jerry Wolfgang annoys the hell out if all of us, if sooner read Jerry's crap than this epic pile of pseudo-intellectual crap by "theyenguy". F-ing A!