Friday, January 31, 2014

Bloomberg Scurries Into The Climate Change Game

By, Chris Rossini

No one should be shocked with this one:

This is such a no-brainer. "Climate Change" is a hotbed for people who lust to dominate others with force. What a perfect place for Nanny Bloomberg.

Could you imagine if Bloomberg had the power to ban something worldwide?

What a rush!!

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  1. Another piece of shit plopped into the toilet that is the UN. Perfect.

  2. And make boatloads for your coterie of cronies at Deutsche Bank, Goldman, Generation Investment Mgmt, et al.

  3. There are certain people that just need to go away permanently, never to be heard from again. I can think of a few: Obama, Pelosi, Al Gore, Hillary, Harry Reid, Boehner, Soros, the Koch brothers, Bono, Sean Penn, McCain, Krugman, Summers…

    Bloomberg definitely belongs on the list. What a putz.

    1. Bono seems to be changing his views rather rapidly w/r/t freedom, capitalism, etc.

  4. Never heard of her until this post BUT I checked her twitter. She lists Ambassador to the UN and THEN mother followed by a slew of other things. State before family?

  5. And while you're at it:

    "This is such a no-brainer. 'Crime' is a hotbed for people who lust to dominate others with force. The people handled personal problems by themselves and their communities but an evil group called 'government' took it upon itself to define 'crime' and soon as the people assented the government overwhelmed society."

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  7. Hey, give this asshole a break. There's hundreds of billions of dollars of carbon credits on the table, and a sizable investment at stake.

    Dammit, do you have any idea how expensive it is to buy a scientist, or fake the results of a climate study, or rig a Nobel Prize? You don't think the financial mafia is just gonna walk away do you? Forgedaboudit!