Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mid-Week Entertainment: Weatherman Knees On-Air Intruder in Groin

NyPo reports:
A young man’s bid for 15 seconds of fame on TV ended with a kick in the groin.

Jim Cantore, a 49-year-old veteran with The Weather Channel, was faced with the intruder as he did a live cross about Winter Storm Leon.

Cantore, who was at the College of Charleston campus in South Carolina, must have heard the student fameseeker holler as he burst into the set for the live cross.

And he was prepared for the sudden change in atmosphere as he caught the student with a knee to the groin as he was reporting live, WTV reported.


  1. give the man a raise !

  2. Always easier to just yell "Baba Booey" from 50 feet away.

  3. Don't mess with Jim. Never batted an eye. Dude.

  4. More coordinated Bull from Pudgy Cantori....I bet they colluded w/ the dipwad student ot burnish Cantori's little manhood!