Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Price Inflation (San Francisco 49ers Edition)

Last week, I pointed out the incredibly high prices for tickets to a Golden State Warriors game, now comes word that San Francisco 49ers tickets for their playoff game against the Seahawks are in the stratosphere.

Modern Luxury reports:
On Craigslist this morning, we found at least plenty of offers for tickets. The low? A mere $550 each for a pair to sit at in the back cornerOr $600 for a pair (that's the special Niners fans only price) around the same place. Most tickets were going for four digit prices. $1500 each for four seats on the 20Or try $14,000 for four club seats
Don't feel like going through Craig? When we checked, Stub Hub had over five thousand tickets available. The low? $387. That's not too bad, we guess. The high? $122,102 to sit in the end zone. Which, damn. Just, damn. Wow. You know you can watch it for free on tv, right?

I just checked SubHub myself, there are tickets being sold for $122,102, $80,113, $14,792, $12,012 and many, many in the $4,000 range PER TICKET.

Of course, it remains to be seen if there will be buyers at these prices, but there is a lot of Silicon Valley money around, just looking for a place for a place to be spent.

At the Warriors game, it looked pretty much like a Silicon Valley VC crowd to me. Well dressed men in their fifties and sixties.


  1. Modern Luxury link is broken for me so I don't know what they said..

    Might not be able to blame this on Helicopter Ben.

    The Seahawks are not selling tickets to 49er fans(Broncos are not selling tickets to Pats fans) so of course supply and demand will drive these higher in Cali.

  2. With everything going on in this world, you post a comment about the price of "football tickets."

    I guess that's just a commentary on the "circus."

    1. When you can help people see the connections, the deep ways in which the printing by the Federal Reserve is corrupting and destroying the economy, it's helpful.

    2. I agree - I think people who don't follow closely don't get the connection, unfortunately. That's where multiple posts (first basketball, now football) can lay out the dots.

      Breaking a single record can always be explained as an anomalous incident where the proper factors aligned just right.

      But when records are broken everywhere, and they continue to be broken, it shows that something larger is in play.

      I would be interested to see someone put together a timeline or list of all the various price records broken in 2012, 2013, etc. I bet it would be very illustrative.

  3. A single Superbowl ticket on Stubhub for $962,529.90 USD


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  5. "At the Warriors game, it looked pretty much like a Silicon Valley VC crowd to me. Well dressed men in their fifties and sixties." These men are heartless and could care less if there were innocent children across the street starving, as long as they have their fill and their circuses (basketball, football). Also, the prices for some of these tickets are complete insanity.