Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rand Paul Issues Statement on the Legacy of Martin Luther King

Sen. Rand Paul today issued the following statement:
It is simply unimaginable to think what modern America would be like if not for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s courage and triumph. Today, we celebrate his life and reflect on his influence and call for ending injustice in America. When one sees an injustice so great, he or she must make a choice—to continue tolerating the injustice or make sacrifices in the name of stopping it. Thankfully for us, Dr. King made sacrifices and chose the path less traveled. In years to come, we must keep building the kind America that is worthy of his memory and that our children—of every race, creed and color—deserve.

It may be instructive to consider Rand's statement next to David Gordon's short comment on King in his review of  David Gottfried's book, Conservatism in America: Making Sense of the American Right:
As our author abundantly shows, neither National Review conservatives nor neoconservatives have been able to sustain a coherent set of values.

Instead, as leftist views have become ever more dominant in public opinion, these supposed defenders of absolute truth have bowed with the wind. They have themselves moved leftward, in an effort to accommodate themselves to the prevailing consensus.

In an example that much concerns Gottfried, Martin Luther King, Jr. is now portrayed by these people as himself virtually a neoconservative. He is held to have favored a strict policy of nondiscrimination and to have spurned special treatment for blacks. In fact, this radically distorts King's views[...]


  1. Marchin' Looter King was a communist.

    1. I was 14 when Martin Luther King was assassinated, and my view of him was irrevocably altered when he came out against the war in Vietnam. Fascists like J. Edgar Hoover were not going to put up with a black man speaking out against the U.S. military, and effectively swaying millions of Americans to open their minds to what was being done in their name. The timing of MLK's death was meant as a warning against other prominent anti-war activists like RFK to be silent. Robert F. Kennedy seemingly failed to get the message that people like J. Edgar Hoover were sending.

      On a deeper level, fools like you are ignorant of the fact that American millionaires like Colonel Boyce Thompson, Averell Harriman, Armand Hammer, and many others funded the Bolsheviks during and after the Russian Revolution. These men funded communist Russia because it furthered their very long term goals that you can never hope to understand. People of your ilk lack the capacity to see that capitalism, and communism are made to work in symbiosis to create the
      fascistic neo-feudal world that the elite desire.

    2. How does your response prove that MLK was NOT a communist?

      Plenty of people, both communist and non-communist, were anti-war and being anti-war therefor says nothing about your political views outside of your views on war itself.

      And your second paragraph does not say anything about MLK, and is therefor either a non-sequitur at best, or entirely irrelevant to the original responder's point at worst.

  2. What Rand Paul and the other neocon Tea Party faithful will never mention is the fact that Martin Luther King was killed a year to the day after he forcefully came out against the Vietnam War on April 4th, 1967. Rand Paul like all the other soulless Republican apparatchiks can never admit on any level of their small compartmentalized minds that "War Is The Health of The State". Those salient words will never cross paths with Rand Paul's fetid conscience.

  3. Rand must read EPJ.
    He has just joined Snapchat.

  4. Not only was King a communist who preached non-violence and violence followed him everywhere he went, he was also a womanizer. Nice behavior for an alleged Christian "reverend," right?

    1. The fact that he was a womanizer is completely irrelevant.