Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ron Paul's Private Jet

I am reorganizing some files on my computer and came across these.

When I met with Ron Paul in Reno, Nevada during the 2012 presidential campaign (See: On the Road with Ron Paul and Ron Paul on Green Hair) , I took these pictures of the jet the campaign leased. Although it was very small, it did have two pilots. Both pilots seemed to be genuinely honored to be flying for Dr. Paul.


  1. Nice photos. America was given a chance to elect a person that wanted to simply return to a more responsible time. This was not wanted by his party, nor the voting public at large. They lost, we lost. The centrally planned Hindenburg Zeppelin continues apace. We know how that worked out.

  2. I remember him taking some flak for using a private jet (as if he was being an extravagant spender). Any one us here can understand how, if you have a group of six people and you're going all over the country to campaign it's cheaper (not to mention much more convenient) to travel by charter.
    Funny how the lib MSM thought it was horrible for Ron to go by private plane but they had no trouble with the Obama shopping trip at the piblic's expense. Odd.

  3. Ron Paul is a true American hero and I would be honored to shake his hand but................................................................considering how he has exposed a very corrupt system, I wouldn't fly anywhere with him.

  4. Paul Force 1 - looks like a beaut!