Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sorry, Word Verification Back On

Once again the spammers have come out in force with comments that are working around the current blogger filters to catch them, and some are very clever about writing comments that are difficult to detect as spam until they are read through close to their entirety, so I have once again turned on word verification.

Hopefully, the blogger filters will eventually catch up to the latest spammers and I will be able to turn the word verification off down the road.


  1. Why your captcha doesn't include the word Rothbard? Are you trying to smear Mr. Libertarian?

  2. I've noticed the new spam. But while you are at it, how about reconsidering the idea of banning Anonymous as a poster name? It seems that people who want to be anonymous could still make up a user name and it also seems that most of the interesting posts, including even the contrarian Wolfgang, have user names. Doesn't seem that banning Anonymous would be any great loss.

  3. I'm all for keeping Anon as an option, and since JWolf has been such a pussy- unwilling to respond to anyone who points out how stupid it is- I cannot fault the captcha.

    At least it is pure numbers, easy to decipher, and not too hard to do.

    I do wish someone could find out JWolf's real identity and confront him- it would be the best Robert Wenzel show EVER!

  4. Problem is, the Word Verification is so difficult that it takes several tries on a computer and is nearly impossible on a mobile device.