Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Chris Christie Bridge Scandal Is Very Presidential

By, Chris Rossini

So, as Robert Wenzel reported earlier, some Chris Christie staffers decided to use New Yorkers & New Jerseyans as pawns in a bridge lane closure game.

Did the Christie staffers get that Herb Stein "rush" from the powerplay?

Sounds like they did.

BusinessInsider's Josh Barro reports:
At first, the messages among Christie's team about the traffic jams were gleeful ("They are the children of Buono voters," Wildstein [Christie staff] wrote of kids stuck on school buses)...
Hey, as Lew Rockwell continuously points out:
I mean, the people who rise in politics...are the worst possible people. They actually like starting wars. They like sending out young men to kill and be killed. They actually enjoy that. They love feeling up people at the airport. They love the fear that they can engender in somebody’s eyes when they tell them they’re from the FBI or whatever. They love — they like to put their thumb on you and go, aagh. I mean, that’s their fun in life.
But this was just too far for Josh Barro, who supports virtually every form of government mischief known to man:
One of the key raps on Christie is that he's a "bully" and that he engages in naked power politics. That rap hasn't hurt him with voters — until now — because they perceived Christie as bullying people who deserved to be bullied...

The messages released today don't provide any indication that Christie knew about the Fort Lee plan. But either he knew or he fostered a culture where his employees assumed this was what he would want them to do. Either way, it's not presidential.
I disagree.

If Christie was involved, this whole ordeal is very Presidential. Bullying the public, for political sport is how the elites have fun. The real champions are those who can get away with it best. Look at Hillary Clinton. She's made an art form out of it. She's Presidential, right?

Heck, who's more Presidential than the President himself? Remember the non-sequester and shutdown thing? Obama didn't "cut" by bringing home troops from Oceana, Ruritania, and Timbuktu. No, he shutdown the White House tours and Monument tours. Oh, and let's not forget the serial lying spree called "You can keep it if you like it."

If typical politician Christie was involved, and can come out of it smelling like roses, he earns points with the government gangsters. For these characters, the public needs a good shot to the groin every once in awhile. After all, it just feels....soooo...gooood.

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  1. He will make great President. Give him the keys to the drones.

  2. The White House is after all the Bully Pulpit (though that's not how the bully TR meant it).

  3. Agreed, behavior like is entirely consistent with what people who are considered "presidential" do.

    One doesn't get to be president without being like this.

  4. Too bad.
    As a gun-grabbing,high-taxing,immoral statist f-stick, Christie would have made a good/typical Republican Presidential nominee.
    Now that he is outed he will have to join the democrat side.
    Republicans have standards.

  5. The Dems may be behind this - may have paid off some of the players to do it and get caught. Obama has beat the living bejesus out of the R's since the day he was elected. He's a hardened criminal thug AND HE WILL NOT ALLOW the R's to win in 2016. He will do whatever is necessary to destroy any R that may have a chance. He WILL GET voting rights for illegals before the election. It's already over and he ROFLHAO when he hears how Obamacare will cause the R's to win. He could become a porn star and the Dems would still win.