Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The NYC Socialist Government of de Blasio Continues to Harass the Upper East Side

First, it was the failure of the city to plow out the Upper East Side:
It really is a tale of two cities — this time with the tony Upper East Side getting the shaft!
Huge swaths of the city’s wealthiest neighborhood had been not been plowed by early Tuesday evening, leaving 1-percenters out in the cold, according to the city’s own map of snow-plower activity.
“He is trying to get us back. He is very divisive and political,” said writer and Life-long Upper East Sider and mom Molly Jong Fast of Mayor de Blasio.
“By not plowing the Upper East Side, he is saying, ‘I’m not one of them.’ But we have everyone in this area on the Upper East Side. We have rich people, middle class people, and housing projects. We have it all.”
There appeared to be no snow plowing between East 59th and 79th Streets and between Second and Fifth Avenues.
Now, there has been a delay in Upper East Side garbage pick up. FOX NY's  Lidia Curanja reports:
I figured out the one bright spot to the cold would be that least the garbage smell on the Upper East Side isn't super pungent. But it still stinks. Piles of garbage are still waiting to be picked up.

The mounds of garbage have piled up on some city streets ever since last week's 10-inch snow storm. One section of East 79th Street has so much garbage on it that part of the sidewalk is blocked. As for a pile on East 86th Street, New Yorkers walking by say thank goodness for scarves.

The Department of Sanitation said that it was back on a normal schedule as of Monday. Pickup was suspended throughout the city to handle emergency snow clearing. Sanitation said the only backlog right now is with recycling.

Our video shows several blocks that still have many black garbage bags. We even saw frozen meat.

As for the Upper East Side having more trash than others, the mayor's office released this statement: "Any allegations that neighborhoods were chosen over others for trash removal are totally absurd."

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  1. Quote: "The mounds of garbage have piled up on some city streets ever since last week's 10-inch snow storm. "

    How about that! They can't go 1 week without garbage pickup? Around here that's the norm.