Thursday, January 2, 2014

Two Newspapers Urge Obama to Help NSA Whistleblower

The editorial boards of The New York Times and The Guardian published editorials on Wednesday, urging the Obama administration to treat Edward Snowden as a whistleblower and offer him some form of clemency, reports HuffPo.

The big question: Why does MSM have Snowden's back?


  1. Because they depend on whistleblowers, Barry's lot comes down too hard, sources dry up. what the hell fill those columns and screens?

  2. Perhaps the unwashed masses, after decades of cheerleading the erosion of civil liberties, have discovered it's bad for business?


  3. Rather, the previous comment should have said:

    Perhaps the unwashed masses, after decades of seeing the MSM cheerlead the destruction of civil liberties, are turning them off? And now, after the barn doors have closed (and the barn half-burned to the ground), the MSM is discovering that tyranny is BAD FOR BUSINESS?!


  4. To keep up appearances?

    We know the MSM is a tool for the elite, but i'm assuming they still want to pretend not to be, at least on occasion.
    It's not as if they expect Obama to listen anyway. It's rather safe to make suggestions nobody important will listen to.

  5. Snowden would be stupid to return back to the US even if the district of criminals offered clemency. The moment he touches US soil he'll disappear.