Thursday, January 16, 2014

Union Vote Fails at Amazon Warehouse

Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Delaware rejected a proposal Wednesday evening that would have created the Amazon's first union organization in the United States, reports CNN.

Twenty-one workers voted against the proposal, while six were in favor. A simple majority of voting employees was required. The vote was limited to machine workers and did not include the packers and shippers who make up the bulk of Amazon employees at the facility.

Here's Thomas DiLorenzo on unions:
In a labor force of some 130 million, private sector unions in the U.S. claim less than 10 million as members. The overwhelming majority of American workers have decided that individual or group bargaining on the free market, without a union, is in their own best interest. If this decline in union membership continues, falling from its peak of around 30 percent of the private-sector labor force in the 1950s, private-sector unions in America may well go the way of the Dodo.

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  1. Do unions really have exemptions from the Affordable Care Act? Would this ever entice persons to join? Could unions bolster membership by allowing members in to access an exemption to ACA and leave the collective bargaining side out? Without increases in membership they may become extinct as pointed out.