Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Where the Jobs Will Be 2012-2022

Please take this with a large degree of skepticism, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics has looked into its crystal ball and projected where job growth will occur into the year 2022/


  1. I inverted the food pyramid, and it worked.

  2. The topic of this blog is economic policy; and the topic of this article is job growth.

    An inquiring mind asks, is there an economic policy in place that will produce the projected jobs? And who will be heading up that economic policy?

    The jobs that were produced, yes produced, between 2008 and 2013, that is since the pervious financial system collapse, came by the monetary policy and economic policy of the Creature from Jekyll Island and other world central banks in establishing and maintaining Global ZIRP, working through the superstructure of democratic nation states and the speculative leveraged investment community, under the Milton Friedman Free to Choose, floating currency system, which underwrote the US as the international reserve currency.

    Said another way the jobs that came in the QE period over the last five years came under liberalism, and its dynamos of economic activity, these being creditism (which provided a swell in the supply of money), corporatism (which provided security), and globalism (which provided manufacturing, production and services) where fiat money, being the medium of exchange, produced investment reward keeping the global economy operating, and recovering from the 2008 economic bust.

    On October 23, 2013, the bond vigilantes in calling the Interest Rate on the US Ten Year Note higher from 2.48%, PIVOTED, the world from the paradigm and age of liberalism, where economic inflationism operated ... into the paradigm and age of authoritarianism, which features the singular dynamo of regionalism, establishing economic destructionism.

    Liberalism’s dynamos of creditism, corporatism, and globalism, are no longer present to support economic inflationism and its partner economic growth, as the bond vigilantes in calling the Interest Rate on the US Ten Year Note, ^TNX, higher from 2.48%, on October 23, and now higher from 2.99%, have not only begun to destroy fiat money, that is Aggregate Credit, and Major World Currencies, DBV, and Emerging Market Currencies, CEW, but have also begun to destroy fiat wealth, World Stocks, VT, on January 2, 2013.

    The bond vigilantes in calling higher in the Benchmark Interest Rate, ^TNX, higher from 2.48%, on October 23, 2013, as well as the failure of debt trade investing and currency carry trade investing on January 2, 2013, was a DUAL EXTINCTION EVENT, that destroyed the foundation, capstone, and centerpiece of liberalism, that being the investor; and are birthing authoritarianism’s counterpart, the debt serf.

    Lacking economic growth the job growth presented above will not be present.

    Economic growth is now impossible; it cannot be achieved. Global economic deflation and economic recession, characterized by falling GDP, and a whole host of other economic metrics, such as credit contractions, are the tail risk of liberalism’s monetary stimulus and credit easing.

    Liberalism was the paradigm and age of the world central banks’ policy of investment choice and schemes of credit investing and currency carry investing; these supported economic growth and employment as a byproduct of investing; the former age centered around fiat money and the investor; all to the dismay of Austrian economists and libertarians who decried democratic nation state interventionism; they were constantly whining about the Creature from Jekyll Island, as evidenced by the Ron Paul agenda to End the Fed; and they continually dream of a sound money system, where interest rates are the price of money, that is the price of debt, where liberty is the standard of economic activity for the individual, where one is paid according to meritocracy, and where markets are free from government intervention. There are three chances of these thing happening: no way, no how, and never; their vision is a delusion of the libertarian mind, as well as a mirage, on the Authoritarian Desert of the Real.