Saturday, January 4, 2014

Why the Generally Incorrect Analysis of Paul Krugman Must Be Consistently Challenged

He is read by very many and is very popular. NYT readers seek him out. Here is an NYT ranking of keywords most frequently searched by readers over the last 24 hours (My highlight)

1. weather
2. modern love
3. snowden
4. krugman
5. crossword
6. new york times
7. david brooks
8. 36 hours
9. de blasio
10. china


  1. That just shows you how stupid people are.

    1. How true. That readers made a search for "new york times" the sixth most popular one in a 24 hour period speaks volumes about their basic intelligence. Why the hell would they have to search for what they're already reading or logging into? Hey Krugman, this is the brain trust that forms your reader base.

  2. EPJ also does a fine job taking on #7, that mouthpiece for the State who masquerades as a conservative on PBS as well as within the shriveled husk of the NYT.

  3. He's very good at what he does which is to cater to what the NYT's readers want to read. Like Mike Moore, he has found a way to get filthy rich catering to the crowd that detests the rich.